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NEVЯLAND–Suffer the Children Book Trailer


My first attempt at a book trailer.

A bit longer than most book trailers, but I like it. Rather dramatic.

Thank God for LBJ’s 1964 fear-mongering ads against Barry Goldwater. I’ve used the infamous Daisy Ad and the War on Poverty Ad to highlight the book trailer.

I enjoyed putting it together. It took about four different versions before I settled on this one.

One interesting side effect of making the book trailer is that the process of creating a visual interpretation of my story has inspired me to keep going and even generated new ideas and new enthusiasm for the tale.

I’m sure a professional book trailer maker could do a more precise and shorter version, but I still like this first attempt.

Now, back to writing the tale!

Be well.

See you on the bookshelf.

Larry Mike

Why I’ve Switched to Office Suite


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New Post at; Chap 03 on Scribd


Dear Curious Reader,

As I have previously stated, I have simplified my life by combining my website, Talewright blog, and NEVЯLAND blog into one.

Larry Mike Garmon Official Domain

Larry Mike Garmon--The Official Domain

I’ve turned my website into a WordPress blog.

My life is so much simpler now.

Tick the image or my name to be taken there:

You can subscribe from there.

The new web/WordPress site also contains NEVЯLAND news and excerpts.

New NEVЯLAND Website Look:



I’ve added a second Theme Song as well: “Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep”. This is really a creepy song about a boy (Baby Don) who goes to sleep hearing his mother singing a song and then awakens the next day to find both Momma and Poppa are gone “far, far away”. The reason it’s creepy for me is because it’s such an upbeat, happy song for such a terrifying situation, especially for a child!

NEVЯLAND Excerpts:

I’m posting NEVЯLAND excepts on my website and also through

Just go to and you’ll see the excerpt posting in the middle column labeled Recent Musings.

Tick HERE for the version.

Hope you and those for whom you care and love are happy and healthy.

See you the bookshelves.

Larry Mike

Posting to Website


To simplify my life, I’m posting both the Talewright and NEVЯLAND blogs on my website.

This will also prevent me from duplicating blogs.

Basically, it boils down to this: Do I want to be blogger or a writer?

The answer is simple.

So, if you check here, you won’t find blogs newer than this one.<

Instead, tick HERE to go to the Official Domain to read the latest blogs about the writing life (Talewright) and for news about and the progress of my WIP, NEVЯLAND.

See you on the bookshelves.

Larry Mike

If I Weren’t Crazy, I’d Go Insane


This is an experiment: workshopping my latest novel NEVЯLAND Online for readers and fans.

I’m running naked across the soccer field during the World Cup in front of God and everybody.

Am I crazy to do this? Of course I am.

But, I’m having fun, learning much, seeing Story from a different perspective, and enjoying the community of readers and writers in an organic writing and telling of Story!

One reason I’m doing this is because I live in the boonies and don’t have a regular writers support group.

Another reason I’m doing this is because I still have yet to find a critique partner or two with whom he/she and I can be consistent and faithful in responding to and evaluating our respective stories. It’s as much my fault as anybody else’s.

And still another reason is because I value what readers think and how a reader looks at Story.

At the recent SCBWI, I heard one writer described as a writer’s writer. That’s really quite a mantle to bestow upon a writer.

Then I got to thinking: which would I prefer? Being a writer’s writer or a reader’s writer. Actually, somewhere in between would be the best place to be on the bookshelves.

The Twilight Saga is an extremely successful series with Readers despite that many Writers find much fault in the technicalities of the stories themselves; whereas, the Harry Potter series is mega-successful because it is able to run the entire spectrum of Reader-and-Writer approval and appeal to all sensibilities.

(To be honest, I really don’t care which direction NEVЯLAND takes as long as the books are flying off the shelves and through the checkout line and/or being downloaded to many, many Kindles, iPads, and Sony E-readers!)

I’m inviting you not just to watch Story in the form of NEVЯLAND being created but to be an active participant–and I want to know what you think, generate ideas about the characters, setting, themes, and be an active participant in the evolution of a story–whether you’re a Reader only or Writer-Reader.

The 19th Century Writers such as Dickens and Poe did this to a certain extent, often revising their novels, stories, and poems based on initial reader reaction.

The 21st Century Writer has an even better opportunity to workshop his Story to a larger audience and with much more speed and input than Dickens or Poe could ever imagine!

Laynie and Josh

Laynie and Josh in a scene from NEVЯLAND

Feedback is welcomed, encouraged, and expected–even about the typos!

NEVЯLAND Excerpts: An Experiment in Craziness

See you on the bookshelves.

Be well!

Larry Mike

When Pets become Food; Life Goes On–Part 01


My wife doesn’t want to hear about this part of the NEVЯLAND saga, but I tell her anyway.

I like to bounce ideas off Nadya and gauge her reaction.

When I told her about how the Children in NEVЯLAND round up the larger dogs and cats and begin breeding them for food, she said, “I don’t want to hear about this.”

Ah, I knew I had a good plot device. That’s the reaction I wanted.

Sometimes we have to look at the horrible reality to understand the ugly Truth.

I have no problem being a full human being who eats the flesh of animals.

Perhaps that is why I wouldn’t have any problem eating Rover or Fluffy if it meant surviving or starving to death.

“Why can’t they just eat cows?” Nadya asked.

Well, for one thing, there’s this invisible Wall that doesn’t let anything get in or out of the city, which means no replenishment of food supplies.

Besides that, for four weeks now, the Children have had no contact with the outside world and some are beginning to suspect they are all on their own–that they are the last people on the face of the Earth.

If they are to survive, they will have to eat whatever they can.

The food from the stores, homes, and restaurants won’t last forever.

They can grow vegetables, but that won’t be enough.

Remember, there’s nearly 4,000 Children left in Junebug.

They will need meat. And when the meat from the homes, restaurants, and stores run out, large dogs and cats are the natural answer.

Cruel? Really?

What would you do?

That’s a sincere question–I’d really like to know.

I fully expect the vegans, the pseudo-vegetarians, and the fanatical pet lovers to use guilt-trip tactics to raise a maudlin defense for not eating the dogs and cats.

One vegan told me once, “I don’t eat anything with a face on it.”

Food--Glorious Food--These cuties would make good appetizers! Like Hot Wings!

I wouldn’t have minded the comment except that it was said in a rather judgmental way and designed to swell up some sort of guilt feelings within me as I chomped down on my delicious pork.

“Well,” I replied, “do you eat heads of lettuce, ears of corns, hearts of artichoke, baby peas, finger sandwiches, et cetera?”

He was not amused.

My point is, Humans eat other living things. Humans are built to eat both plants and vegetables. Full Humans take advantage of the Natural ability to eat both.

Funny: the Human race has not survived for hundreds of thousands of years listening to the PC crowd or avoiding the flesh of other animals.

In fact, those who raise the hue and cry about eating pets are silent on the whole human-flesh-eating-zombie craze.

Nearly lost in all this talk of eating the household pets is the birth of the first Child since the Disappearance.

We’ll chew the fat on that subject in Part 02.

See you on the bookshelves,

Larry Mike

The Laws of God: Heil the New Hitler


One of the questions NEVЯLAND forces us to confront is our sense of morality and ethics and what we teach our Children.

Children are clean slates upon which society writes its rules as well as a sense of right and wrong.

What we do today to our Children just doesn’t echo into the future–it CREATES the future.

Children become what they see, hear, and learn at home and then at school and from their friends, and especially from the media.

From Grimms’ “The Raven” through today’s headlines of young racist and child suicide bombers, Children are the battleground for the next generation’s sense of Right and Wrong.

Today’s ongoing battles for the hearts and minds of our children are fought in our schools, our political arenas, our churches/synagogues/mosques/temples, and our homes. From sexual orientation to political correctness to fascism to conservatism to libertarianism to progressive-ism. . . .Who’s Right? Who’s Wrong?

Is it any wonder our Children prefer to get lost in the virtual world of Internet chat rooms and video gaming when the Adults of this world appear to simply not have a clue as to what the Hell they are doing?

Whose vision of Humanity is to prevail?

So, what happens when all the jaded lessons of the Adults are stripped away?

What will Children, unfettered by the fears, prejudices, and shortcomings of Adult angst and bias, decide is the ultimate Right and Wrong, the Rules of the Universe, the Laws of God?

In Lord of the Flies, we get a horrifying glimpse of a world ruled by Children–of savagery, of chaos, of injustice, of hopelessness.

But in the end, Adults show up to restore order.

What if the Adults were never to return, to show up and to save the day?

What if Children, despite their initial childish joy of being free from Adults, realize to their great horror that no Adult will miraculously appear in the nick-of-time and make everything all right again.

Would not a strong leader have to prevail? Would not a Tyrant have to arise to ensure that Law and Order are instituted and maintained if the Children are to survive?

Would not another Stalin, another Pol Pot, another Augustus Caesar, another Hitler, a child Louis Farrakhan emerge to ensure Order and Survival–even among children?

Do you really think that Children, nurtured by the prejudices, biases, and shortcomings of their Parents, are really going to join hands, sing “Kumbaya”, and everyone will just “get along”?

Do you really think that?

NEVЯLAND doesn’t pretend to be easy or soft.

The truth never is.

Take care,
Larry Mike